There once was a girl and her name was Shoegal..

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am Shoegal, a shoe-animal-music-cars-joy enthusiast.  You might wonder why did I start a blog, especially when there are so many out there.  It's not a project or a business, it's just my own personal space (haaah " personal" she said) where I can write about everything...anything really.  I am … Continue reading There once was a girl and her name was Shoegal..


The “too many ideas” syndrome…?

I am currently involved in an activity that I have to admit, keeps me really busy. I am currently an accountant/production planner/HR person/God knows what else is needed. I picked this profession because I thought that everyone in the world needs an accountant by their side.  But guess what? Others also had the same thought … Continue reading The “too many ideas” syndrome…?

When your mother-in-law has an opinion…

Recently a situation occurred that made me wonder about something : what should you do when your mother-in-law/ future mother-in-law suddenly has an opinion about your relationship with her son? Rrrriiing. Rrriiinnggg. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. It's her! I don't usually talk to her on the phone but when I do, I know … Continue reading When your mother-in-law has an opinion…