There once was a girl and her name was Shoegal..

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am Shoegal, a shoe-animal-music-cars-joy enthusiast.  You might wonder why did I start a blog, especially when there are so many out there.  It's not a project or a business, it's just my own personal space (haaah " personal" she said) where I can write about everything...anything really.  I am … Continue reading There once was a girl and her name was Shoegal..


Narcos and Pablo Escobar.

Who hasn't heard of Narcos? If that person is you, well you need to check Netflix right now and start watching one of the best crime web television series ever. For me it all began two years ago when I saw an ad on Youtube. The thing is that at first I hesitated and thought … Continue reading Narcos and Pablo Escobar.

The “too many ideas” syndrome…?

I am currently involved in an activity that I have to admit, keeps me really busy. I am currently an accountant/production planner/HR person/God knows what else is needed. I picked this profession because I thought that everyone in the world needs an accountant by their side.  But guess what? Others also had the same thought … Continue reading The “too many ideas” syndrome…?

When your mother-in-law has an opinion…

Recently a situation occurred that made me wonder about something : what should you do when your mother-in-law/ future mother-in-law suddenly has an opinion about your relationship with her son? Rrrriiing. Rrriiinnggg. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. It's her! I don't usually talk to her on the phone but when I do, I know … Continue reading When your mother-in-law has an opinion…