Narcos and Pablo Escobar.

Who hasn’t heard of Narcos? If that person is you, well you need to check Netflix right now and start watching one of the best crime web television series ever.

For me it all began two years ago when I saw an ad on Youtube. The thing is that at first I hesitated and thought that it’s just a stupid show, like any other on the internet. But after having that ad chase me on every Youtube page, guess what? I logged on my Neflix account and started watching Narcos, not knowing that the subject of the series (so far) would fascinate me.

There aren’t many things that engage me in such a matter, just think that the last topic that became for me an obsession was 9/11. And that was because I remember being a kid and seeing on the news the towers collapsing and could not understand why someone would do something as evil as that. ( by the way, I am European) So I started watching documentaries, reading everything I could on that matter and hopefully I can one day visit the 9/11 Memorial and pay my respects.

But let’s get back to Narcos and Pablo Escobar. The thing that I liked the most about the series is that it captures the essence of the antagonist and in the same time the beauty of a country divided by the war on drugs. Pablo Escobar to some is a hero, to others a villain, a sociopath fighting for what he believes it’s the greater good.  You’ll be sympathetic of Escobar when you’ll see him with his family. The bond with his children and wife is very powerful and indeed touching but let’s not get carried away.

For me the whole situation surrounding Pablo Escobar is a result of his inability to be satisfied with what he has. How much money and power is enough after all? As I said, a big ego can knock you down in an instant. And that is what happened to our fellow ‘entrepreneur’ wanted to get legit into politics. Yeah, you might say that 99% percent of politicians are corrupted and thieves  but to actually have a murderer and a drug lord as an alternative in the House of Representatives? That is really ridiculous.

Maybe if he kept a low profile as the Cali Cartel we would have had the chance to call the shots and continue with his “plata o plomo” policy. But no, Escobar wanted to shine and wanted the limelight. He wanted everyone to admire him and fear him. Unfortunately this self-admiration of his got him killed and his family, friends on the streets or worse, dead.

Here’s Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos, capturing the essence of his character:


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