The “too many ideas” syndrome…?

I am currently involved in an activity that I have to admit, keeps me really busy. I am currently an accountant/production planner/HR person/God knows what else is needed. I picked this profession because I thought that everyone in the world needs an accountant by their side.  But guess what? Others also had the same thought as mine and go figure, now we are way too many, we are not needed in every corner and obviously the salaries are sh&t but we’ll talk about this one in another post.

Soooo I am right now trying to figure it out if I should take another path, a more creative one. Being a sagittarius ( yes, I do believe and horoscope and everything involved with it, can’t help it) I am extremely energetic and a million ideas come my way. 

First I wanted to start my own HR company but thinking about the advantages and disadvantages , I postponed this project. 

Next I thought about opening a make-up/beauty store in my home town. That would involve a lot of money and on the long term I don’t know how profitable it would have been. 

The third time I wanted to open an online store. This idea keeps running through my head and maybe I will eventually do it. 

The thing is that having too many ideas and not knowing what’s the right thing to do is very exhausting. It is a feeling that consumes you, keeps you up at night and sucks dry the life in you. 

Your first thought is to give up but I think that the steps to organize your mind are very simple:

1. Organize visually. Write down on a piece of paper the things that come up in your mind. Put them all piece by piece together. 

2. Prioritize. You pick the one that is most important/easy to implement and stand by it. The idea is to get to a conclusion, even if that would be to let a project go.

3. Talk about just one idea. The thing is to set your mind on just one thing and go that direction. Once your energy is set to follow that course maybe the results will be more satisfying. 

4. Meditate. Keep calm and try to relax. That is the best solution for everything. 

Do you have any suggestions when experiencing with this situation?


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