When your mother-in-law has an opinion…

Recently a situation occurred that made me wonder about something : what should you do when your mother-in-law/ future mother-in-law suddenly has an opinion about your relationship with her son?

Rrrriiing. Rrriiinnggg. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. It’s her! I don’t usually talk to her on the phone but when I do, I know it’s something big, like an atomic-bomb-big.

I answered. And after 10 minutes of her talking and talking and me keeping my mouth shut( because at the time I thought that’s the wise thing to do) , she blurts out: I think that you two should take a break from each other.

( Say whaaaat? ) For a second I paused and then she hung up the phone. I was in shock. In 5 1/2 years she never had this kind of talk with me.

And then it made me wonder: how long has she been thinking about this OR maybe he was thinking about taking a break and did not know how to say it. Tricky question.

Of course the first thing that I did was to confront him and say exactly what had happened. He was in shock too. And angry. Really angry. Because it’s never alright to interfere in someone’s relationship especially when you don’t know the bond that keeps the two together. And if someone should decide to break up, make up etc. it should be the people involved directly in the relationship. Am I right ladies?

I haven’t seen her or spoken to her in a while. My boyfriend understands and even though he sees her more often, my decision to keep a distance is understood.

Just to let you know, I did took a break. A break from my mother-in-law!

PS: here’s a funny one:



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